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    Linyi city water bed industry Co., Ltd. is a member of the China Furniture Association, a member of Shandong Furniture Association, and a member unit of China scientific sleep research association, which belongs to Beijing Shui Bo home limited company. It has independent scientific sleep research center, intelligent product proofing room, integrated production workshop, annual production mattress 100 thousand beds, and efficient and efficient logistics distribution system, distributors throughout Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Henan and other core areas.

    After 16 years, the water supply and quality casting brand! It's committed to providing scientific sleep for the global customer solutions, 16 years focused on the science of sleep and mattress product development and production, the depth of research for more than million users of data through a total of 20 sleep, sleep and established a scientific and perfect technical system, won more than 20 national patents, has become a popular consumer favorite innovative brands. With the concept of "scientific sleep, healthy sleep" product design and research and development, Shui Po creatively combines sleep science with sleep aesthetics.

    The subversive creation of the "science 8G" mattress design standard and "super health care" sleep system has created a new standard for Chinese scientific sleep!

A day of health and vitality

Gustave Flaubert said, "science and art break up at the foot of the mountain and meet at the top of the mountain." As the science and art of healthy sleep and once communicated will immediately become emotional, vivid, this is a great innovation to change fall into a reverie, sleep culture and health science sleep mode, to create art bedroom living space.

Enjoy the beauty of sleep

Science can make sleep more enjoyment, let life in 1/3 is enough to enjoy living in Vienna's golden hall is like a beautiful melodious rhythm, let the heart to relax, the design of science, art praised life free stretch of LOHAS, let the body intoxicated, ultra extreme sense of space, let the sleep out of the ordinary.

Our artisans spirit

Each material demanding quality, environmental protection, because we know a good material to achieve the science of sleep; every data accurate grasp, because we know only the details, you can do scientific sleep; each set of mattresses are crafted, because we know that only just fine, quality.